Thursday, September 4, 2008

Relationship - Make It Simple

In our daily life there are so many things to do, to think, to understand and take note of. We have to deal with so many situations that sometimes we get so puzzled and ask this question – is there any end to our problems? Very simple things look like mountains of trouble if we fail to understand the concept of keeping things simple. Same happens with our relations. If we understand the fact that relations need to be strong and not complex then we can enjoy life to the fullest.

A friend is someone with whom we can have good time, chat, share, enjoy and cry if we are sad. A friend can be anyone – a classmate, colleague, room partner, family member, anyone. Friendship is a relation which can be there along with another relation. For example, a father and son can be friends along with their father-son relationship. It’s the understanding of relations that has to be there, simpler we keep it, better we handle it. A father has to be father when the situation demands it. If his son is in bad company and having trouble then he needs to act like a father and do his best to see that son doesn’t get into trouble. But if he messes up the two relations there can be chaos and more importantly he might not be able to convey his message to his son. This understanding of keeping the sanctity of relations intact is not that complex – we just need to act simple, respect the boundaries and do not mess up two relations.

Another example is of a relation of a teacher and student who are otherwise friends. I deliberately emphasize “otherwise” as the two relations do have the potential to mess up with each other if not handled properly. The teacher’s act as a teacher sometimes requires that the friendship between them doesn’t act as an obstacle.

These are simple things but still people manage to understand the basics and fall into totally unnecessary mess up. Keep your relations simple and understand the boundaries and you will enjoy them to the fullest.


Jaunesk said...

Well said harish, Keep it simple but never take friend for granted.

Harry said...

Very well said Jaunesk, taking for granted is different from keeping simple

Anonymous said...

yes, you are right my friend relationship must be simple and there should be lot of understanding between partners.

Rick Hughey

Jeff Baker said...

Friends are good to have, good friends are great as well, best friends are those who know how to be themselves with each other while allowing the other to be themselves too. Great writing.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I discovered your blog.

Namaste' -- jb

Harry said...

Thanks Jeff Baker,

Namaste' :)

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Anonymous said...

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