Friday, August 22, 2008

The Essence of Relationship

Homo Sapiens. This is what biologists call us, the animal that evolved from Homo Erectus (not all agree though), the animal who could walk upright. When we talk about an animal of Homo Sapiens type, we say Human Beings. Yes, we are human beings - an animal that differs from animals. When someone utters words like these many get angry and annoyed - they just don't want to be called animals, whatever reason or context may be. They think we are not "animals" we are "humans" and a superior race !

Well, my post is not to debate what some or others think or dislike. Whether you think we are a superior species or you think we are superior "animals" the point is same for me - We are vey different than other species all grouped together. Yes, we think and have intelligence and communicate and so on... We relate. We relate with each other, with others, with things and what you say. This is one trait we have as well developed as communication/language, bipedalism, thoughts and other things that make us a superior species.

Relationship is not limited to our race, in fact, any living thing is in some or other relationship with its own species or its surroundings, but its certainly a well evolved, utilized and powerfull trait which is vital for our existence as human beings. The evolutionary bilogists tell us that its the genes (genetic elements) of a species that keep on evolving with time but the difference between us and other species is we have also developed "memes" (memory elements) and these memes are also evolving - that's why we are developing constantly despite the limitations of genetical evolution. Our memes have taken us to what we call today's modern and civilized society as a whole.

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Anonymous said...

very nice post. your are write by saying that essence of relationship as we are humans we can't live alone. we cant live without sharing our feelings and thoughts with our love ones


Christina Crease