Sunday, March 1, 2009

Co-operation - an open operation

Co-operation is something we humans have learned as an intelligent species as well as result of our growing intellect. There are reasons we can term it as a manifestation of our selfish attitude but the fact is we can not survive without co-operating with each other. Imagine your colleague sitting next to you in your office needs your help for some work which you are more familiar with, imagine what will happen if you don't help him/her and imagine what will happen if nobody helps / co-operates with each other. In order to survive we all need each other's co-operation almost always.

Now imagine the same scene with a bit different requirement. Think about your colleague in need of your co-operation - not that there is something you can do related to his/her work - but, he/she requires you to NOT do something that is creating troubles to his concentration (e.g. you may be listening to hard rock when he/she needs complete quietness). You may not be bound by your office rules for such an occasion but being a human we somehow know this fact that our actions should never be an act of obstacle for our close ones. Sometimes this is just a mutual understanding, other times it is a binding and rest of the times it is our conscience that makes us co-operate.

In last four months I had been extremely busy with a project and that made me a villain in the eyes of my dear wife. When I was working hard day and night my dear wife was unhappy at best. Then, one fine day I asked for her co-operation. I explained her why that thing was important to me and how my success or failure could affect our future. She understood and since then she did her best to co-operate with my work. Things changed suddenly. The workload which looked like a mountain transformed into a small sand rock and today when I have finished the project, I owe a lot to her co-operating nature. I tell this story to demonstrate how easy things turn when we in our relationships learn to co-operate with each other.

Co-operation is not unique characteristic of humans alone. Ants and bees are bigger examples of co-operation and their very survival is dependent entirely upon it. The conclusion is we have to respect co-operation and co-operate with each other in order to survive.

After posting my thoughts, let me not forget what I promised to my friend Alec of His blog is a must read for those couples who want success in their relationships.


Neetu said...

Thanks Harry,
You opened my eyes. I always thought I can do everything on my own but this article led me to think that we are only a thread in this vast network.


Mikes said...

Very good post sir. In the context of communication, i'd like to share that whatever the language is MUSIC and LOVE are two Universal languages. Through these you can communicate whoever you are and whatever you do.


Ram Bansal, The Theosoph said...

Cooperation is a social necessity of human beings because every body can't produce every thing he/she needs for him/herself. Animals cooperate as their natural instinct for survival only but humans by living in societies have expanded their scope of cooperation.