Sunday, October 19, 2008

Communifaking, Right Or Wrong?

In the new age of instant communication one thing that is very popular is cell phones. I don't think a single reader of this post doesn't have a cell phone. Since the time it was invented, we have made it a habit to use cell phones on the go and that is not the limitation. We found out a lot many things associated with cell phones - sms, games, diary, calendar, clock, calculator etc are some of the additions that have been there from almost the start of this revolution. As time passed and technology grew we had many more things - internet surfing, email, music, videos, feed readers etc and now even instant messengers.

Apart from so many applications we also discovered some hidden usage (in fact sms was also discovered by chance). We also had some significant changes in our lifestyle some good some bad, like dependence on "always on" communication, lieing where we are etc. One particular lifestyle change that is the center of discussion in this post is COMMUNIFAKING.

Communifaking is the term we have assigned for a behaviour by cell phone users according to which they "fake" a communication. To put it simply when a person pretends to "talk" on cellphone, he/she is communifaking. According to a recent survey, the number of cellphone users who communifake outnumbers those that don't. The research by British mobile operator 3 has found out that 74% of people from 18 to 24 age group admitted to communifaking. The reasons mostly told by communifakers are either they want to avoid someone nearby or they find it useful when waiting for someone.

The psychologists have more reasons though. According to Patricia Wallace, a psychologist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, following are important reasons :

Demonstrating Connections: If we are sitting lonely at a place like a pub, we communifake in order to show we are not alone.
Show off: Many of us show off our handsets just to impress others. Mostly boys do this to impress girls.

In my personal experience, I saw few cases when someone communifaking was caught red faced when in the middle of "conversation" actual bell rang and exposed the communifake. Even I have communifaked few times and I admit sometimes it was just the feeling of insecurity. I remember an occasion when I had to "do" it just because I had nothing else to do and it was a place full of strangers.

If you are one of those who communifake or feel the need for it, there is nothing wrong as long as you don't use it for show off. Communifaking when you are waiting can be an innocent behaviour and you should not feel guilty if you do it for this reason. However, I would like to utilize "any" spare time like waiting to do something creative.


soregrapes said...

good article, keep posting more

Harry said...

Thanks Soregrapes...

SolReka said...

Hi Harish
Long time no speak.Hope you're well bud.

Communifacking - rofl. I am quite shocked by the high number of people who admit to performing such silly antics with their phone. I have to ask the simple question - Why?

Why on Earth would you want to pretend to be talking to someone, is really how the idiocratic world has turned out.

The scary thing is, technology will only further dumb people down, as their basic needs will become obfuscated by advancements in technology.

Take care Harish.


Harry said...

very true Solreka,
Technology is changing our behaviour faster than it should...

willrock said...


sam said...

write new one

Jan said...

That's strange, if not a tad pathetic. And I thought this was a ploy only used in sitcom. Well, to each his own style of coping in this stressful world then. :)

MorgansMummy said...

Hahaha Thats so pathetic to do!! I have thought about it plenty, however I just ring my step mum at those times. She talks for a bit with me, so to stop me feeling so nervous.

alec said...

U had commented on my blog.. if you remember..
nice post

Mikes said...

Faking is a thing that's quite common only to those who have nothing else to do. for some also just like me, how i wish nobody calls me for anything. it might be an emergency, another assignment from a boss or just a minor errand from a parent. tsk tsk tsk. nobody wants that. besied no need to show these days. before it works because only few has cellphones but now, everybody has one even the simplest "helper" has one. LOL.
Nice one!

Mikes said...

it's never right!